Plastic covering to protect the floors and counters

By using a vacuum while cutting sheetrock, we are able to minimize the amount of dust in the air, which minimizes the dust in the home.

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Whole House Repipe

We cut the sheetrock holes as small as possible and keep the holes clean cut.


Our whole house repipe includes repiping of both hot and cold water lines using Uponor Pex-a piping throughout the home to each existing plumbing fixture. This consists of connection to the existing outside mainline with replacement of ball valve where the water feeds into the ­­­­home and 1 main line continuing throughout the home with ½” and ¾”  branch lines.  This includes the installation of new quarter turn shut-off valves and new stainless steel braided supply lines to each existing fixture.  Recessed washing machine box as well as recessed ice maker box is included and insulation to plumbing code. 

We understand that while you may realize your home becomes a construction zone during a repipe, that doesn't mean you don't want us to treat your home with Courtesy. So we do everything we can to keep your home as clean as possible. From wearing shoe covers and laying plastic to using a vacuum while cutting Sheetrock: we do our best to treat your home the way we would want our home treated. Please browse our photos below to see some of our work.